Safety Razor

Today I’m going to review the MicroTouch One Classic Safety Razor that you may have seen while watching an infomercial on late night TV. I first heard of the MicroTouch One razor a few months ago when my girlfriend told me she saw a commercial on TV about an old-fashioned razor. I thought it was [...]

This review is going to be about some Astra Platinum Blades that I bought off of Amazon this past August. I know that it's been quite a while between me purchasing them and using them, but I think you will see that it actually adds to the review. I bought the Astra Platinum Blades at [...]

If you shave your head, you probably go through razors more quickly than men who just shave their face since you are shaving a greater surface area with them.  Unfortunately since you shave more, you spend more on razor cartridges.  One way you can save money on razor blades while still getting a good shave [...]

If you had asked me what  the best single-blade razor was, up until a couple of days ago I would have answered that the Dovo shavette was hands down the best single blade razor. The Dovo shavette has the advantages of a straight razor, but doesn't require the upkeep an maintenance of a straight razor [...]

If you are looking for Merkur Model 180 blades, then you're in luck.  These blades are pretty easy to find.  The Merkur 180 takes the standard safety razor/DE blades.  Most likely you can take a stroll down to your local drug store or Wal-Mart and find them for sale. The only brand I've found at [...]

A few months ago(August) I was browsing Amazon's manual shaving top seller's category. I'm a little bit of a shaving geek and was curious to see what was popular. The top spots were held by replacement cartridges for the Fusion Proglide and Mach 3 razors. I was kind of shocked to see that a safety [...]