You may be looking at the title of my post and starting to question whether I'm sane or not.  How could saving money on razor blades possibly be a rip-off?  That is exactly what this article about.  I will show you exactly the reason why razor blade coupons are a ripoff. When's the last time [...]

In my experience the cheapest shaving blades you can find are always going to be DE razor blades also called safety razor blades.  They will usually come in packs of 5 or 10, although for many of the brands you can buy an entire carton that has 10o blades in it.  The carton will usually [...]

This review is going to be about some Astra Platinum Blades that I bought off of Amazon this past August. I know that it's been quite a while between me purchasing them and using them, but I think you will see that it actually adds to the review. I bought the Astra Platinum Blades at [...]

If you shave your head, you probably go through razors more quickly than men who just shave their face since you are shaving a greater surface area with them.  Unfortunately since you shave more, you spend more on razor cartridges.  One way you can save money on razor blades while still getting a good shave [...]

If you're like most men, when you go shopping for razor blades you probably feel like the major razor blade manufacturer's have you at gun point while they pillage your wallet taking all your hard earned cash from you.  I know that I've asked the question "why are razors so expensive" to myself on more [...]

If you had asked me what  the best single-blade razor was, up until a couple of days ago I would have answered that the Dovo shavette was hands down the best single blade razor. The Dovo shavette has the advantages of a straight razor, but doesn't require the upkeep an maintenance of a straight razor [...]

If you are looking for Merkur Model 180 blades, then you're in luck.  These blades are pretty easy to find.  The Merkur 180 takes the standard safety razor/DE blades.  Most likely you can take a stroll down to your local drug store or Wal-Mart and find them for sale. The only brand I've found at [...]

A few months ago(August) I was browsing Amazon's manual shaving top seller's category. I'm a little bit of a shaving geek and was curious to see what was popular. The top spots were held by replacement cartridges for the Fusion Proglide and Mach 3 razors. I was kind of shocked to see that a safety [...]

In another post I talked about where you can find the Dovo Mammut, a straight razor made by Dovo that has its scales made out of mammoth ivory.  There are other straight razors that have mammoth ivory scales that are not made by Dovo.  Here are some places where you can get your hands on [...]