About Me

A picture of meHi there! I’m Thomas. My foray into wet shaving began last November when I bought a shaving kit from and a Dovo shavette from The Art of Shaving in November 2010.

I really wanted to shave with a straight razor, but I figured a shavette would give me a good introduction and would give me a feel for if I wanted to continue and by a straight razor. Once I started shaving with a shavette I was hooked , although I didn’t end up buying my first straight razor until March 2011.

The aspect I enjoy the most about wet shaving is that it forces me to slow down and take my time. Once I slow down and take my time, then I actually enjoy shaving versus just rushing through it to get the job done.

I have progressed to shaving my head since I first began. I am still learning all the quirks and nuances about shaving my head, but it is a fun learning experience. I have found that shaving behind my ears is the most difficult part to shaving my head.

If you need to contact me for any reason don’t hesitate to contact me at thomas((at))buystraightrazors.co replace the ((at)) with an @ symbol.

I look forward to getting to know you!