Gillette Fusion Proglide and Gillette Venus Coupon

This past Sunday I was going through Target’s weekly ad. The coupon was that when you buy either a Venus Embrace razor or a Gillette fusion razor you will get a Target $5 gift card free.

Now I am quite aware that this might be more expensive than just buying the regular cartridge razors, but if you are looking at buying a different handle or need a new handle this could be a good way to get one. I am also aware that it’s not a coupon in the sense that you get money off the purchase price, but if you shop at Target often I’m sure a $5 gift card will help you save money on other items.

I’ll continue to keep my eyes peeled for more razor coupons!

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Thomas got into wet shaving in 2010 when he bought a Dovo Shavette and would go on to buy a straight razor four months later. Since then he has purchased many other types of razors including feather and safety razors. He reviews their performance on this blog.

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