Places To Buy Straight Razors In Australia

If you’re looking for different places to buy straight razors in Australia, then you have come to the right place.  I have scoured the internet looking for all the different sites that sell straight razors.

The result of all my hard works is the following list.  I have linked to the site’s page that lists it’s straight razors for sale, I also included a brief description of the different brands of straight razor that each site carries.  Note:  I’ve only listed the straight razor brands and shavettes that they carry.  A lot of the sites also carry shaving soaps and creams, shaving brushes, DE razors, as well as DE blades

If you know of a website or a brick and mortar store that sells straight razors let me know in the comments.  Hope you enjoy the list!

Places To Buy Straight Razors in Australia

  • SafetyRazor:  They carry Dovo, and Giesen & Forstoff straight razors.  They also carry the Parker and Dovo shavettes.  They are based in Sydney NSW.  Shipping is a $5 flat rate within Australia and free Australia wide for orders over $150.
  • KnivesAustralia:  They carry a great selection of  Giesen & Forsthoff straight razors.
  • ShaverCity:  They carry Edwin Jagger and Dovo straight razors and the Dovo shavette.  They have a store front as well.
  • TheRazorShop:  They carry Dovo Straight razors.  They also carry the Dovo shavette and Wahl Professional razor which is similar to a Parker shavette.  They are located in Brisbane and are internet based only.
  • AboveTheTie:  They carry Dovo, J.S. Sargent & Son and Wade & Butcher straight razors.  It seems most of these have been restored and they look absolutely amazing.
  • ManCave:  OK, I know New Zealand is not Australia.  However, I’m too lazy to make a separate page for New Zealand right now.  Hope you can forgive me.  😉  They carry Dovo and Muhle straight razors as well as the Dovo Shavette and the Japanese Feather Artist Club razor.
  • TheShaveShed:  They carry a wide variety of Dovo straight razors.  They also carry the Dovo shavette.
  • MensBiz:  They carry Dovo straight razors and shavettes.
  • PureMan:  At the time of this posting carried a limited selection of Dovo straight razors.
  • Shave-Shack:  At the time of this posting they had a limited selection of Thiers-Issard straight razors.
  • Ebay AU:  You’ll find a wide variety of straight razors.  Use the search function and search for “straight razor” or “cutthroat razor”.

As I mentioned above I hope you find this list useful.  Also, if you know of any websites or brick and mortar stores that I don’t have listed above let me know in the comments and I’ll be sure to add it to the list.  🙂

Meet the Author

Thomas got into wet shaving in 2010 when he bought a Dovo Shavette and would go on to buy a straight razor four months later. Since then he has purchased many other types of razors including feather and safety razors. He reviews their performance on this blog.

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