Brian Wilson’s Beard – Is The End Near?

San Francisco Giant’s pitcher Brian Wilson has been growing his beard out since 2010. He said he was going to grow it until they were eliminated from their race to make the postseason. However, they ended up winning the World Series. I guess he kept the beard growing and probably won’t be shaving it until they are eliminated from the postseason this year, which is looking to be very likely.

Since I run a website about straight razors and shaving, my first thought is: “How is he going to shave it?” I’ve grown my beard out for 60 days before, and I have shaved it off using a mach 3. Let me tell you, it took forever since the hair would get stuck between the razor blades and I would have to rinse out. It seemed like I could only shave about a quarter inch at a time. Brian Wilson’s beard is a lot thicker than my beard, I can only imagine the hassle he is going to have to go through to shave his beard.

There are a couple of ways he could shave his beard. If he opted for the mach 3, I would hope he would shave most of it off with a pair of clippers and then lather up and shave it smooth with a mach 3. This would probably only take about 30 minutes depending on how handy he is with his mach 3. If he opted just to use a machh 3, he would be looking at a minimum of 40 minutes shaving time.

If he knew how to use a straight razor, he could have it off within 10 minutes. The nice thing about shaving with a straight razor or a shavette is that they don’t get clogged with hair. They just keep on going and going and going. I guess they’re the “energizer bunny” if the shaving world. 😉

I think it would be interesting to see what would happen if the Giants won the World Series again this year. Would Brian continue to grow his beard out? Who knows, I guess we’re just going to have to wait and see.

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Thomas got into wet shaving in 2010 when he bought a Dovo Shavette and would go on to buy a straight razor four months later. Since then he has purchased many other types of razors including feather and safety razors. He reviews their performance on this blog.

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