A Review of Harry’s Razors

A picture showing a Harry's razor with bright orange handle, protective case and a spare cartridge razor.

Harry’s razor “Bright Orange” with protective case and spare cartridge razor.

I initially encountered Harry’s razors while researching razors online years ago. They were the first cartridge razor brand outside of the usual suspects of Schick, Gillette, etc that I had seen in a long time. I always have been curious on how well their razors perform. I finally caved into my curiosity when I saw them at Target and picked up the orange handle model to test it out and I figured I would write a review of Harry’s razors while I was at it. If you’re pressed for time here’s the quick and dirty summary:

  • I have shaved my entire face and head with the razor eighteen times so far and it appears to still be going strong. I’ll update this review periodically as I continue to shave with it.
  • I am impressed with the weighted handle. I thought it was going to be light, but there is some heft to it.
  • As expected, it doesn’t really do good with longer hair. However, this is a downfall of virtually all cartridge razors.
  • I had issues shaving the juncture between my lower lip and my chin, right below my nose, and a crease in the back of my head. Shaving against the grain in my chin/lip area and the back of my head resolved those problem spots, but there always seemed to be a handful of hairs that is almost impossible to reach, or get a close shave with, right below my nose.
  • You can purchase it on Amazon.

Overview of the Razor

What Comes in the Box

When you open up the box you’re going to be greeted with the following items:

  • Razor handle: I chose the bright orange handle
  • Protective case to put around the cartridge and top part of the razor handle.
  • Two razor cartridges: one already on the handle and one sitting in the box.

The packaging material that held the above items appeared to be made of some type of compressed paper or cardboard, kind of similar to the material that egg cartons are made out of, instead of plastic packaging. I’m not a huge save the planet guy, but there’s no denying the oceans are filled with micro plastics and I think any reduction in plastic packaging is a good thing.

Image of a Harry's razor inside the packaging with spare cartridge and protective case sitting to the left of the razor

Inside the packaging.

Initial Impressions

The first thing that stuck out at me was the weight of the handle when I picked it up. I guess I had associated a rubber handle with plastic in my head and anticipated a light handle more akin to a disposable razor.

However, it’s definitely heavier than I expected. The razor packaging does say it has a “weighted core” which indicates the weight of the handle is an intentional design choice and didn’t happen by accident. I feel the weighted handle adds to the shaving experience.

Its most direct competitor seems to be the Gillette Fusion 5 which is similar to the Fusion ProGlide razor, but lacks the sixth blade on the back side of the razor for shaving under the nose and the Flex Ball. I’ll have to do a shaving test with a Gillette Fusion 5 later on so I can make a good comparison between it and Harry’s razor.

Shaving with Harry’s razor

I shaved both my head and my face with Harry’s razor. At the time of this posting I have shaved with it eighteen times. On the bottom of the razor package it states that “Our blades are designed for your face and we don’t recommend them for head shaving.” I am using the razor for something it wasn’t intended for, but I haven’t had any issues shaving my head with it.

Here’s a summary of the things I have noticed so far:

  • Difficult to reach areas: The razor doesn’t shave as close to the skin in the area between the chin and lower lip, directly underneath the nostrils, and a crease in the back of my head. The lip/chin area and back of head were remediated with a pass against the grain, but I find it super hard to shave about four or five hairs directly beneath the nostril. I’ve even attempted to insert the side of the razor into my nostril to get these hairs, but they always remain longer than the hair on the rest of my upper lip.
  • Doesn’t handle long hair well: The first time I shaved with it my beard was 1/4″ long and
    An image of a Harry's razor cartridge resting on a bright orange handle.

    Harry’s razor cartridge

    the hair on my head was 1/2″ long. The razor clogged almost immediately and it took almost 15 minutes to shave my face and about 30 minutes to shave my head with a single pass with the grain. To be fair, I expected this and it’s an issue with all cartridge razors. The only other length of beard and hair I have shaved with it so far is about a day’s worth of growth which it shaved well.

  • Smooth shave and razor seems to be lasting: It’s definitely a smooth shave and has lasted eighteen shave sessions where I shaved both my face and entire head.
    • I’m not sure how much that is due to using a shaving cream instead of your typical shaving gel/foam or just splashing water on my face like I used to do. I might have to do another test with the other cartridge and see how it holds up with a regular can of shaving gel/foam.
    • I am also shaving with the grain for the most part and this might have something to do with it as well. The only exception is I am shaving against the grain on the back of my head and I’m not noticing any discomfort. I’ll keep shaving with it until it becomes uncomfortable to continue using it.
  • Buildup on the razor blades: I’m starting to see a build up of shave soap on the top blade of the razor. There is some build up on the other blades too, but doesn’t seem to be as pronounced. It doesn’t seem to impact the ability of the razor to shave as yet. On my very first shave some longer hairs did get stuck in the back of the razor. This did cause some clogging in between some blades. If you’re getting a mixture of shave soap/cream/foam and hair particles stuck between the blades and it won’t wash out, then you might want to look at the back of the blade and see if there are longer hairs stuck there.

Other Thoughts

There was some marketing language on the razor package that I wanted to discuss:

Back of Harry's razor packaging stating "Everything you need fo a smooth shave, nothing you don't." An image of the bright orange model razor on the left hand side. Key selling points are listed on the right side which are "5 German blades For a close, comfortable shave", "Precision Trimmer for those hard-to-reach areas", "Flex hinge contours to your face", "Lubricating strip for a smooth, even glide", and "Rubber Grip provides increased control".

Back of the Harry’s razor package.

  • Precision Trimmer: I’m not really sure what this is supposed to mean. Personally, a trimmer implies that you can select from a few different lengths to trim your beard. In this case you’re just taking your beard or hair down to the skin. There isn’t a guard you can put on to trim it to a certain length. I would more readily agree with the term “precision shaver” more than I do “precision trimmer”. While it does shave most areas of the face just fine, there is the one problem area below the nostril that is hard to get no matter what.
  • Lubricating strip: It’s there, but I’ve always had my doubts as to how beneficial these are. I kind of think it’s a marketing gimmick that every razor has now because every razor has one.
  • Flex hinge: The flex hinge moves nicely with the contours of my face and head. There are some areas where you have to go against the grain for optimal shaving. The flex hinge doesn’t do much directly beneath the nose. The presence of a flex hinge is probably the major difference you’ll find between modern cartridge razors and disposable razors. It’s also what makes them easier to shave with than a safety razor.  The razor automatically moves with contours of your skin instead of you having to adjust the angle using the position of your wrist.
  • Rubber grip: I definitely didn’t have any issues holding onto the razor.

Where to Buy Harry’s Razors

I bought mine at Target. You can find it on Amazon or other major retailers both on and offline.

Overall thoughts

Given it’s performance so far, it seems to be a strong contender to supplant the other cartridge razors in the market.

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  • Nico Tee Dec 30, 2020 @ 1:17

    I am really a beardy man if you saw me in person. And usually, I struggle to find the best way to trim my hair in the chin area. And fortunately, I came across Harry’s Razors. I can really say that the razor is really good. Typically, I change razors every two months but Harry’s Razor is still with me after 7 months. Can’t say anything aside from its good features and durability.

    • Thomas Dec 30, 2020 @ 22:29

      7 months is impressive.  How often do you shave?

  • Mike Jan 8, 2021 @ 6:16

    Hello there! This is a really helpful post and I might check out Harry’s Razors one day. I use the other razors you brought up like Gillette and Schick. Schick seems to do the job only one time whereas Gillete was my go to but there were still things that did not feel complete. I guess after I use those up, I will give Harry’s Razors a try. From your description, I feel like it is a pretty good brand. Thanks for this post!

    • Thomas Jan 10, 2021 @ 0:00

      Mike, I’m glad you found the post useful.  I must admit that I have never shaved with a Schick.  I’ll have to purchase one and shave with it some time.

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